Major Renovations

Make the most of your space with a major home renovation


Any homebuyer knows you’re in it for the long haul when making the decision to close on a home. A considerable amount of time and money goes into selecting the perfect place to fit your lifestyle and budget. Oftentimes over the years you may start to wonder what it would be like to have a second floor on your home, a large deck overlooking the backyard, or completed electricity and heating to turn your basement into a full-fledged man cave. You may start to wish your kitchen was just a little bit bigger and up to date to host those holiday parties your in-laws have nicely suggested you take on as tradition because you’re just so good at it!


Large-scale home renovations let you do just that. Our efficient and experienced team of builders and designers can help you align your wishful thinking with what’s feasible in your space to allow your home to reach its fullest potential. What’s more is that any major home renovation immediately increases the value on your home whether you’re looking to relocate soon or in the future. 


Consider these major home renovations and more for ways to add value to your home: 


Renovations within the home: new floor installations, wall and ceiling repairs, insulation fixes, kitchen and bathroom tiling, installing new wood paneling and trim, re-wiring and electricity fixes, and more


Renovations outside of the home: garage addition, kitchen addition or remodel, deck construction, new floor additions, etc.