Custom laminate countertops

The first thing many people notice when they walk into a kitchen or bathroom are the countertops. Are they modern and chic? Do they have a unique design? Wait, is that natural stone? How much did they pay for that? Everyone’s a critic, and you should be too. You deserve to look at your room with a sense of awe and satisfaction when you see your countertops and think Hey, that’s MY house!


SveinCo Developers are certified contractors who know their way around countertops of any kind. We install beautiful, custom laminate counters as well as natural stone varieties of granite and quartz. Laminate countertops are great for undermount sinks, are low maintenance, easy to clean, and budget-friendly.


With custom countertops, you get first pick of the pattern design, type of wood core, backsplash height, and most importantly—the style of edging. Laminate countertops leave an incredible amount of room for personalization and customization.


Do you prefer a matte or shiny finish? A more natural look like marble or soapstone, or a retro one like pastel pink? A bullnose or bevel crescent edge? Your countertops are an opportunity to make a statement about you. 


You select the aesthetic and leave the rest up to us. We measure your space, cut and install to specifications so the completed look is as seamless as it is eye-catching.